What happens if I damage a sling or carrier?

Here is what happens if the sling you have on hire has been damaged beyond what we would expect from standard wear and tear.

Due to safety concerns, our insurance policy and the warranty on the carrier, we need to assess the damage and check what the manufacturer’s recommendations are.  Whilst this is ongoing, we reserve the right to decide whether to keep hiring to you based on the circumstances. In most cases, we will be happy to keep hiring and will find you a suitable replacement to take away on the same day.

The manufacturer may provide a repair service, in which case you would be liable for the cost of the repair and any associated costs (such as postage).  

If the manufacturer is unable to provide a repair, we will invoice you for the cost to us to replace the sling and you would retain the damaged sling to do with as you wish.

If the damage is cosmetic as opposed to structural, but it is at a level where we would no longer be happy to hire the carrier to a customer, again, we would invoice you for the cost to us to replace the sling.

Although you may think the damage might look like something that you could fix yourself, due to the nature of our business and our number one concern of babies’ safety, for the carrier to remain in our library it is important that any repairs are done by the manufacturer or spare parts sourced from them.

  • Warranty – The warranty for most items in a sling library will be invalidated by carrying out unauthorised repairs.

  • Insurance – As with warranty any alterations to a carrier which are not carried out by or authorised by the manufacturer will invalidate our insurance and thus threaten our valuable services to the local community.

  • Quality – A broken buckle cannot simply be replaced with any correct-sized buckle you buy, the ones on the carrier will be selected especially for the use and these are the ones that are included in any safety testing carried out.