Welcome to Morecambe Bay Slings!

Morecambe Bay Slings CIC (MBS) is your local baby sling and carrier library. We run weekly library sessions in Lancaster and fortnightly in Morecambe where you can try and hire one of our 200 different slings and carriers! We really have something for everyone!

We have a scheme for new parents (baby under 6 weeks old) where we will teach you to use one of our amazing Sling School stretchy wraps and will loan it to you for 4 weeks for free! (We just take a refundable deposit).

Our sessions are run by experienced and qualified babywearing consultants and are supported by peer supporters (all who are volunteers). You are welcome to come and join on a social basis if you don’t wish to hire –  we have a wealth of parenting experience and love cuddling babies! Our locations are all breastfeeding friendly too so you can feed in confidence.

Why use a sling library? Slings and carriers (we use these words interchangeably to describe all of the carriers that we stock) are a wonderful way to parent when you have a newborn who wishes to be held all of the time, allowing your baby to feel safe whilst you can get on with the things that you need to do.  Research tells us that a securely attached baby turns into an independent child so you aren’t ‘creating a rod for your back’ by slinging, quite the opposite in fact! But there are soooo many different types of carrier out there, parents are different shapes and have different physiological needs, as are our babies.

Using a sling library gives you the option to try until you find what works for you and your child, with the support of an expert who will ensure that you are doing it right!

Some happy parents with their sling library slings

Babies grow quickly too, so their carrier needs change quickly. Again by hiring you can ensure that you have the right carrier at all ages and stages.

Going on holiday or to a wedding? We’ll have something that works in the heat (or with your outfit)!

To meet other parents. Having a new baby can be very isolating. You will always be welcome at our meets whether or not you hire a sling.

Come and join us!


Every Thursday (from 11-1) at WOW Centre Lancaster (where Baby Sensory is held) Harpers Mill, Unit 8-4-3, Lancaster, LA1 4XF

We also meet every 4th Saturday in Lancaster at the WOW Centre. Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date times!


Alternate Tuesdays (from 11-1) at Grandma’s Puppet Shop (upstairs), Marine Road Central, in Morecambe.

Please note that from week commencing 16th March our Morecambe meets will be moving to Mondays at Poulton Children’s Centre, where you will also have access to the sensory room!

Click through to our calendar for dates and times for our session.

What to expect at sling library

Find us on Facebook or call (or text) Tamsin on 07747698747 if you have any questions!